Carbon fiber meets metal with innovation, style, and advanced technology to create a new aircraft line by Tecnam. The latest addition to the Tecnam line is the P2008 CS-VLA.
The Tecnam lineage is apparent the P2008JC CS-VLA which includes several exciting additions.

The P2008JC CS-LSA has metal wings and a metal stabilator. Tecnam chose to keep the metal wing and stabilator structures for strength, reliability, and ability to flex in flight providing a more comfortable ride. To produce the desired increase in cabin width and greater aerodynamic efficiency, Tecnam chose carbon fiber.

The decision to utilize both materials was for the optimization of aerodynamic qualities, flight characteristics, and reliability. The powerplant and associated cowlings are similar to all of the existing Tecnam line with few modifications. The P2008 CS-VLA has higher capacity than the existing line (55x2 lt - 14,5x2 GAL) and fuel tanks are installed in the wing box, behind the main spar. This is to preserve their integrity in case of a crash landing and to minimize fire potential. The instrument panel size is increased from other Tecnam models due to the increase in cabin width. It is modular in design and can accommodate the most complete instrumentation, analogical or digital type.

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