"Tail Dragger" is the very latest and special edition of Tecnam P92 series of aeroplanes.

With the Tecnam P92 celebrating its 20th anniversary and with over 2500 P92 aeroplanes already operating around the world, the Tecnam Research & Development team in Capua, Italy made extensive market research to establish what pilots wanted next from a Tecnam P92.

Tecnam discovered that many pilots were seeking out a new aeroplane with a tail wheel configuration. The Tecnam P92 Tail Dragger is born.

The Tecnam P92 Tail Dragger is the first new tail wheel aeroplane available to the General Aviation community in quite a while. Consumers clearly indicated that they wanted a tail wheel aeroplane constructed from metal rather than fabric. They wanted their passenger to sit right next to them, rather than behind as in most legacy tail wheel aeroplanes.

Tecnam's P92 Tail Dragger has been designed to offer many more functions including as a perfect towing plane. It is also a great cargo carrier and is available with an optional, very large underside cargo pod, designed with two separate hinged doors. Customers can also opt for a "classic plane look", with not only several chrome plated components but also with modern and stylish lines and accessories with standard D-10 and even an iPhone holder.

Finally, for those pilots who prefer Lycoming engine, the YO233 can be installed still offering more than 215kg payload.

Tecnam can offer now whatever you prefer…..make you flying fun, make your choice. The new 6th generation Tecnam P92, the Tail Dragger.

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