Utilising the 1600 shp PT6A-68B engine from Pratt & Whitney Canada , the PC-21 pushes the speed and climb rate of the turboprop into an area that, until now,  was exclusively jet territory. The engine is coupled to a five-blade Scimitar graphite propeller made by Hartzell.

A digital power management system and automatic yaw compensation make the PC-21 easy to fly at low speed and in the circuit, while providing the performance required for advanced training.

The PC-21 is capable of sustained low-level speeds in excess of 323 knots (598 km/h); hydraulically-assisted ailerons and roll spoilers produce fighter-like rates of roll in excess of 200° per second.
The PC-21 performs as follows under international standard atmospheric (ISA) conditions:
 Take-off distance over 50 ft (15 m) obstacle at sea level 2,379 ft 725 m 
 Landing distance over 50 ft (15 m) obstacle at sea level 2,953 ft 900 m 
 Max. rate of climb, sea level 4,250 ft/min 21.59 m/sec 
 Max. operating speed (Vmo) 370 KEAS 685 km/h 
 Max. horizontal speed (Vh) at sea level 323 KTAS 598 km/h 
 Max. horizontal speed (Vh) at 10,000 ft 337 KTAS 624 km/h 
 Stall speed
  - flaps and gear up (Vs)   92 KCAS  170 km/h 
  - flaps and gear down (VSO)  81 KCAS  150 km/h 
 G loads   aerobatic category   utility category
  - Max. positive   8.0 g  - 4.0 g
  - Max. negative   5.0 g   -2.5 g  
 Max. range 720 nm  1,333 km 
 Basic empty weight (typical, dep. on configuration) 5,026 lb 2,280 kg 
 Max. take-off weight, acrobatic category 6,834 lb  3,100 kg 

Dimensions & Geometry
 Fuselage length 36 ft 11 in 11.233 m 
 Wing span 29 ft 11 in  9.108 m 


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