PC-12 NG

The Pilatus PC-12 NG has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance, reliability and operational flexibility. As such, it is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market today. Over 1200 aircrafts have been sold.

In operation around the globe, the PC-12 NG has found popularity in a number of roles– executive transport, cargo, air ambulance, airline, and government special mission applications.

Whether it is the large cabin, single pilot operations, long range, low operating costs, high speed, short-field capability, or precision Swiss engineering and construction, customers find the perfect balance of features to serve their needs in the PC-12 NG.


A Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67P engine, flat-rated at 1,200 SHP
A 330 cubic foot pressurized passenger cabin with seating for up to 9 passengers
A maximum range of 1,560 nautical miles with 3 passengers, high speed cruise, NBAA IFR fuel reserve
280 knot (322 mph) maximum cruise speed
A high-lift wing for exceptional short-field performance 
Standard forward passenger door and large (53 in X 52 in) aft cargo door 
Retractable trailing-link landing gear capable of grass and unimproved field operation
Certification for flight into known icing conditions
State-of-the-art Honeywell Primus Apex avionics
Single-pilot certification
 Max cruise speed 280 ktas (322 mph) 519 km/hr TAS 
 Max range (3 Pax, 30,000 ft, NBAA IFR reserve) 1,560 nm / 1,795 sm   2,889 km 
 Max operating altitude 30,000 ft 9,144 m 
 Cabin altitude at 26,000 ft 8,000 ft 2,438 m 
 Takeoff distance over 50 ft obstacle 2,650 ft 808 m 
 Rate of climb (MTOW) 1,920 ft / min     585 m / min 
 Landing distance over 50 ft obstacle (MLW/reverse) 1,830 ft 558 m 
 Stall (MTOW) 67 kts IAS 124 km/h IAS 

 Max ramp weight 10,495 lbs  4,760 kg
 Max takeoff weight 10,450 lbs  4,740 kg
 Max landing weight 9,921 lbs  4,500 kg
 Max zero fuel weight 9,039 lbs  4,100 kg
 Basic operating weight (includes 200 lb / 91 kg pilot) 6,782 lbs  3,076 kg
 Usable fuel (402 gal) 2,704 lbs  1,226 kg
 Payload with full fuel (and 200 lb / 91 kg pilot) 1,009 lbs  458 kg

Cabin Dimensions
 Cabin volume (excluding cockpit) 330 cu ft 9.34 cu m
 Cabin length (excluding cockpit) 16 ft 11 in 5.16 m
 Cabin width 5 ft 0 in 1.52 m
 Headroom 4 ft 10 in 1.47 m
 Cabin floor width (flat floor) 4 ft 3 in 1.30 m
 Passenger door 24 in x 53 in 0.61 m x 1.35 m
 Cargo door (standard on all aircraft) 52 in x 53 in 1.35 m 1.32 m
 Baggage compartment 40 cu ft        1.13 cu m


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