The PC-6 has become a legendary aircraft, known around the world simply as “The Pilatus Porter”.

Its unique Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities, reliability and versatility in all weather and terrain conditions have established the reputation of the PC-6 as a rugged utility aircraft. The Pilatus Porter PC-6 is fully capable of operating from different types of unprepared, rough and short airstrips, in remote areas, at high altitudes and in all climates.

A simple but solid construction, proven systems and features, combined with precision Swiss workmanship result in the highest reliability and lowest maintenance possible.

Take-off distance over 50 ft (15 m) obstacle (STOL) 1,444 ft 440 m 
 Landing distance over 50 ft (15 m) obstacle (STOL) 1,033 ft 315 m 
 Rate of climb (MTOW) 1,010 ft/min 5.13 m/sec 
 Max. cruise speed 125 KTAS 232 km/h 
Max. range at 10,000 ft   500 nm  926 km
 - with underwing tanks  870 nm   1611 km
Max. operating altitude 25,000 ft 7620 m  
 Stall speed
  - flaps up (Vs)            58 KEAS kt  107 km/h  
  - full flaps set (VSO)   52 KEAS kt  96 km/h  

 Basic empty weight* approx 2,756 - 3,086 lb 1,250 - 1,400 kg 
 Max. take-off weight 6,173 lb  2,800 kg 
 Max. landing weight 5,863 lb  2,660 kg 
 Max. payload* up to approx. 2,646 lb 1,200 kg 
 Payload with max. fuel* up to approx. 2,381 lb 1,080 kg 

Dimension & Geometry
 Wing span 52.07 ft 15.87 m 
 Wing area 324.54 ft2  30.15 m2
 Overall length 35.76 ft 10.90 m 
 Height 10.50 ft 3.20 m 
 Track 9.84 ft 3.00 m 


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